The Melissa Tree


A journalist with a dark past is hunted by the CIA when he investigates the disappearance of a childhood friend in the Gulf state of Bahrain.

Tagline: Terrorism begins at home

Release Date: In Development

Genre: Spy Thriller/Drama

Locations: Bahrain (principal), London, New York, Washington DC

Plot Outline:

Everything is going wrong for depressed journalist Paul Brodie. He stands on the ledge of his apartment and prepares to jump. Just before he does, he receives a telephone call from Melissa, an American childhood friend from the Gulf state of Bahrain. Melissa invites Brodie to visit her in Bahrain, where she’s now working. Brodie gets on a plane hoping that Melissa is the answer to all his problems. But when he gets there, his friend is nowhere to be found. Brodie investigates and starts asking questions at the U.S. Embassy. News of Brodie’s interest in Melissa soon reaches the ears of CIA Director Admiral Eagleton. The spy chief panics and orders his agents in Bahrain to kill Brodie at all costs. The journalist goes on the run and teams up with Beth, a lonely IT consultant, with problems of her own. As they fight to stay alive, they uncover a political conspiracy which leads them to the Israeli Secret Service, Mossad, to Washington DC, and the campaign of a U.S Presidential election candidate.

Writer: Ron Sayadian

Producer: Fig Cinematics

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The Man behind the project
Fig Cinematics
“Hi. My name is Ron Sayadian. I’m the managing director of FIG Cinematics, the producers of The Melissa Tree. I wrote this movie because I got sick and tired of wasting my time and money on third rate thrillers that left me feeling conned and dissatisfied. Since July 2006 I’ve made it my mission to bring this dark story of terrorism and redemption to the big screen. In the Melissa Tree, I believe we have an important and powerful story of our time that competes with the very best modern cinema has to offer.”




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